From a one person’s passion to a professional foundation

MAVA builds on decades of Luc Hoffmann’s work in all three of our focal regions. He created MAVA in October 1994 as an expression of his deep personal commitment to biodiversity conservation. Luc was a pioneer who helped transform nature conservation into the global science based movement as it is today.

In more recent years, some of Luc Hoffmann’s children have joined forces, committed funding of their own, and been involved in the foundation’s governance. Our name, MAVA, is drawn from the initials of Luc Hoffmann’s four children – Maja, André, Vera, and Daria.

Luc Hoffmann’s activities in our three regions included founding or helping to found many of our long-term partners – ones such as the Camargue’s Tour du Valat, or the Society for the Preservation of Prespa. He also played key roles in the creation of WWF International, IUCN, The Ramsar Convention on wetlands, Wetlands International and many other key conservation organisations. Working via these established forces for conservation, and many others, our focus is to provide a sustainable future for people and nature, focusing mainly on freshwater and coastal ecosystems, and cultural landscapes.

Since 1994, MAVA has grown from being one person’s passion to becoming a professional foundation that is a key funder of global conservation. All of the Hoffmann family’s investment in conservation is consolidated within MAVA. Foundation activities are carried out by 20 dedicated staff based in Switzerland and in Senegal, each of whom is guided by the founder’s core values.

In 2015, we developed a new strategic plan for 2016-2022 in view of 2022 – at which time the foundation’s current funding agreement with the Hoffmann family will come to an end. This plan builds on our partners’ past achievements and will help ensure the sustainability of conservation results to which we have contributed.

We are privileged to have been able to support the achievements of our implementing partners over these years. We are also indebted to many individuals who have helped make us evolve over the years, particularly notable ones being Mario Broggi, Pierre Campredon, Pierre Goeldlin, Raymond Junod, Mike Moser, Jean-Paul Taris and Claude Martin.