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The following quotes have been translated from French into English from the book : «Luc Hoffmann, l’homme qui s’osbtine à préserver la Terre», Les Editions Phébus, ISBN : 9782752904584 © Libella, Paris, 2010.

“At that time, ornithologists lacked precise information, that is to say quantitative data… No one realized that the Camargue was under threat. That was why it hadn’t occurred to anyone that the Camargue might need defending.” (French original page 40)

“In 1974 the colonels’ dictatorship came to an end. One might have imagined that everything done by their government between 1967 and 1974 would be defunct. Thankfully, the national park was an exception to the rule.” (French original page 121)

“No one would say that the biodiversity problem is more important than all the others. On the other hand, you have to recognise that, among the most important problems (facing the world), the one posed by biodiversity is the most neglected.” (French original page 184)


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Mediterranean Basin:
Fishing village in Spain © shutterstock
Subadult © PROTEUS Olm Conservation Project
Middle Atlas Peasant Woman, Upper Oud Oum Er Rbia Basin © Pedro Regato
Forest in Morocco © Pedro Regato

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An industrial trawler operating in the IEZ © EFJ
Oil rig © shutterstock
Drawing kite © en haut
Sea turtle Cape Verde © Joana Hancock

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NPK-Joerglgrabe © National Park Kalkalpen / F. Sieghartsleitner
Engadin, Switzerland © Anton Vorauer
Lechtal © Anton Vorauer
Field © shutterstock

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Areal view fields © shutterstock
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Greek coast © Lynda Mansson
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Danube © Carol Wuersch
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