The linear model of economic production can not create prosperity for a growing world population without having serious negative impacts on natural systems.

The circular economy offers an alternative by reducing the input of raw material and waste to a minimum, and by designing products for circularity – reuse, reconversion, recycling.

Only a cross-sectoral systemic approach can bring about significant and lasting change.

Our aim is to create circular economy models that respond to the challenges of cities, and to encourage the EU and national laws that encourage their reproduction, by:

  • Increasing cities’ commitment to the circular economy;
  • Creating a circular material management platform;
  • Advocating for a set of ambitious European policies on the circular economy.
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Les ambitions visant à accélérer la mise en oeuvre de ces pratiques


  • European Environmental Bureau
  • Fondation Ellen MacArthur
  • Green Alliance
  • Zero Waste Europe

Focus sur l'un de nos partenaires

At the heart of our work, passionate men and women, dedicated to the establishment of an effective and sustainable nature conservation.
With the conservation community, they are our greatest asset.

Stephanie Hubold

Stephanie Hubold

Fondation Ellen MacArthur
Adolescente, je passais mes week-ends à faire du slalom en kayak. J’ai bien vu que notre modèle économique n’était pas respectueux de l’environnement, et j’ai lu tout ce que j’ai pu sur cela. Et j’ai réalisé que je voulais travailler de l’intérieur, là où les décisions sont prises, plutôt que protester à l’extérieur.

Budget Annuel

MAVA allocates CHF 2.7 million a year to this Action Plan

Additional co-financing is needed to ensure the continuity of our partners’ work after the end of our financing in 2022


      Holger Schmid

     Director, Sustainable Economy

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