Plastic is the most common material in the modern economy, and our everyday lives are unthinkable without it. Unfortunately, what makes it so useful, such as its durability, light weight and low cost, also makes it problematic when it used only once and thrown away.

Plastics pollution in the oceans is well-known. Less known is the impact of chemical additives, some harmful to health and the environment.

Momentum is building in the search for systemic solutions that create an effective after-use plastics economy, reduce leakage of plastics into natural systems, and decouple plastics from fossil feedstocks.

We aim to support the redesign of plastics and the development of circular material flow by:

  • building a global movement that encourages companies and politicians to end plastic pollution
  • supporting the New Plastics Economy Initiative
  • supporting research on plastics toxicity


  • Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • Food Packaging Forum Foundation (FPF)
  • Plastics Solution Fund

Focus on one of our partners

At the heart of all our work are passionate people dedicated to delivering effective and lasting conservation. These inspirational partners are our greatest asset.

Jane Muncke

Jane Muncke

Food Packaging Forum Foundation (FPF)
My vision is a new comprehensive chemical safety test that looks beyond carcinogenic effects and covers cardio vascular, metabolic, reproductive and neurological impacts. Materials meeting criteria in this kind of test would probably be much safer.

Annual Budget

MAVA has allocated CHF 1,800,000 million annually

The Action Plan annual budget is estimated at CHF 8,500,000

Remaining needs are covered by secured co-funding of CHF 6,700,000


      Holger Schmid

     Director, Sustainable Economy

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