Despite being a young organisation, our philosophy draws inspiration from Luc Hoffmann’s six decades of experience in research and conservation. His work in the Rhone delta’s unique Camargue region taught us the best results come from concentrating energy and focus. What is true for the brackish marshlands and salt flats of Tour du Valat in southern France applies just as well to everywhere we fund projects.

That means that most of our partnerships operate within the boundaries of three geographical areas – the Mediterranean basin, West Africa and Switzerland. The choice to maintain our focus on these three regions reflects our history and the priorities of the Hoffmann family, coupled with the conservation opportunities that presented themselves down the years.

The foundation also supports work on sustainable economy, linked to our focal regions or on a global scale. Whether regional or global, this work aims to influence the ‘rules of the game’ to set the right conditions for ensuring economic prosperity within the limits of one planet.