Promoting the conservation of sea birds in Cabo Verde

The action plan ‘Promoting the conservation of sea birds in Cabo Verde’, funded by MAVA and steered by BirdLife International, was officially launched during a workshop recently organised in Praia, the capital of this outstanding North Atlantic archipelago. The representatives of all the delegations of the National Directorate for the Environment (DNA) were present as well a few dozen experts coming from 15 national and international organisations. During the workshop it was possible to clarify and discuss the best approaches to the implementation of some project activities as well as particular aspects of the action plan’s governance, management and communication. The workshop was widely publicised in the local media.

Written press: Sapo Viajar, A Semana, A Naçao, Cabo Verde government and on television.

With MAVA’s support and the strong commitment of all the partners involved, the seabirds of Cabo Verde become a prized natural heritage for Cape Verdians.

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