Since 1994, MAVA has played a transformational role in driving forward innovative conservation across the Mediterreanean, West Africa, the Alps and beyond. Today, our commitment to biodiversity conservation, the sustainable use of natural resources, and vibrant conservation communities remains as strong as ever.

MAVA’s final grant-making will be in 2022 – at which time the foundation will wind down its activities as planned by our founder many years ago. This has significant implications for the future funding relationships with all our partners. All funding will cease after 2022.

Fortunately, we are in a position to plan for this transition well in advance and, with a strategic plan for 2016-2022 in place, we have identified clear goals and will work on a limited number of themes for greater impact.

Between 2016 and 2022, we will strengthen our focus on key priorities, build on our past achievements, and address some of the key conservation challenges in our traditional areas of work, linking the needs of people and nature.


More specifically, we will continue working on freshwater and coastal ecosystems in the Mediterranean and West Africa but through more focused strategies in both regions, and we will narrow down our Alpine Arc programme to Switzerland alone, phasing out our support for work in the broader Alpine region. We will also strengthen our Sustainable Economy programme, focusing on natural capital, financial flows and resource efficiency, tackling overconsumption, and driving positive behaviour change.

Focussing our efforts and concentrating our resources will result in a new way of working, with a greater emphasis on funding broader clusters of projects which are delivered by communities of partners working together.

We will be proactive in seeking work that fits with our vision, while shifting to fewer themes and to more focused outcomes, pulling together a portfolio of projects under each of our four programmes via a range of funding methods.Graph-fundings-English-white bisTo support this approach and long-lasting results, we will increase investment in the organisational development of key partners so that they continue to flourish without MAVA funding, after 2022. This investment will primarily target partners critical to the fulfilment of our long-term goals, that are most in need of such support, and that have the capacity and willingness to engage in development.

Our core values remain unchanged and are now more relevant than ever: unifying key players; empowering local organisations; being flexible in our approach; and persevering in our pursuit of long-term conservation success.

More details about MAVA’s 2016-2022 strategy can be found here: